Institute VISION

To synthesize neuroscience data
into a supercomputer model of the brain
that is capable of human-level intelligence


Research at the institute focuses on computational neuroscience modeling and modeling tool development

Experimental Data Aggregation

Model Development Tools

Computational Neuroscience


There are several medium- and long-range applications of the technology developed at IFCAR

Neuroscience Knowledge

Models of brain regions can be used to better understand how they process information and obtain preliminary results of experimental hypotheses

Neuropharmaceutical Development

Biophysically realistic models can be used to test how novel compounds alter firing dynamics of brain regions

AI Development

In shorter-term, detailed brain region models can be used to develop brain-computer interfaces. More advanced models can be used to gain insight to develop human-level artificial intelligence

IFCAR is seeking new partners, scientific collaborators, and volunteers to support the implementation of the institute's vision.